September 17th - a Very Important Day

If you are like me, you must be getting tired of hearing about COVID-19. It's in every newscast, all over social media and the topic of discussion among nearly every person that we have any contact with. It's impossible to escape. But for ministries and non-profits like ours, it represents more than something we are weary of hearing about. It's a harsh reality.

Like most non-profits, our funding is raised through donations and several in-person events that we plan each year. Sometimes we even qualify for the occasional grant. The pandemic disrupted all of our planning. We have been forced to cancel or delay several of these events while taking on more mentees. While we have plans for two in-person events in October and December, those plans are subject to change. Bottom line the combination of less funding and more work is an unsustainable situation. This leads us to the critical importance of September 17th to help us sustain our work..

For the 5th consecutive year, we will participate in GiveForGoodLouisville, hosted by the Community Foundation of Louisville. GiveForGoodLouisville is a 24 hour, 12am to 12am, online giving day. As an online event, it is digitally driven, primarily through social media and word of mouth. Over this events six year history more that $26 million dollars has been raised for hundreds of local non-profits, like The Prisoners Hope. In 2019 we raised over $20,000. Thank you again if you donated last year! This years giving day will be held on September 17th where we hope to raise $30,000. We believe God will provide and that this is a very attainable goal. But we need you to make it happen.

With this background, we believe you can see why this is such an important day. So, how can you help? To make any online event a success, we need people willing to spread the word within their social media networks. If you have a heart for what we do to heal, restore and lift lives and communities, tell everyone you know. Ask them to share with their friends and families. This is the kind of viral news that's a good thing! Here's a few practical tips:

1. Like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking these links - and

2. Spread the word far and wide. Like AND share the posts and tweets we will be putting on our social media sites,

especially the week leading up to September 17th and when making a donation the day of the event

3. Use these hashtags in your posts and emails: #GiveForGoodLou#engagelou#tphmin#healrestorelift

4. Share this link to our giving page where donations can be made on September 17th:

5. Set a reminder in your calendar for September 17th. We are all busy and we can easily forget that there's only 24 hours to support this event. Remind those you send to, to mark their calendars.

We hope you will be able to give on this most important day. Even $10 can make a difference to someone who wants a second chance to have a better life. Be part of helping that person re-write their story. Stay tuned for more details as the day approaches.

God Bless.

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