Genesis of The Prisoners Hope


In 1988, Darryll Davis committed a heinous murder in retribution for a drug deal gone bad.  While out on bond, Darryll was saved and life seemed to begin to make sense.  In 1990, after a 3-week trial, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for wanton murder.  Darryll was denied parole twice; once after 12 years and the second time after 18 years.


With meritorious good time earnings, educational and vocational good time, Darryll served out his sentence in 22 years.  he used those prison years to prepare for reentry into society and to give back by helping others like himself.  During the years of incarceration, he began shaping what would today be known as The Prisoners Hope.  While in prison, he developed the D.A.N.I.E.L. Project, an inmate-led curriculum, copyrighted in 1996.


​Throughout those prison years Darryll acquired his GED, an Associate in Arts, a Bachelor's Degree in Theology, Master's Degree in Divinity and a 4-year degree through the "American Association of Christian Counselors."  Darryll also completed educational programs in masonry, carpentry, fiber optics, Serve-safe and is a certified senior trainer in Evangelism Explosion.

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Darryll Davis -Executive Director


Darryll Davis, director of The Prisoners Hope, is passionate about making a difference in a seeming vast ocean of prison population and broken lives. When asked to summarize the Ministry’s work he shared a favorite story - likening it’s endeavors to a little boy walking down the beach throwing starfish that had washed up onto the beach back in one at a time. When approached by an elderly gentleman walking toward him he was asked; son what are you doing? The little boy replied, I am throwing all of the starfish back in. The elderly gentleman asked him to turn around and look back from where he just came from, saying; there are too many - you are not making a difference at all young man. The little boy (unaffected in his endeavor)  looked at the man and said; ‘it makes a difference to this one’ as he threw it back in.


Darryll was groomed for the position he now holds by the hand of God over many years prior to his release. His passion for creating faith based reentry assistance programs that mentor prisoners and their families is contagious and tireless. The goal is and always will be, transforming lives…one at a time.