In 1988, Darryll Davis committed a heinous murder in retribution for a drug deal gone bad.  While out on bond, Darryll was saved and life seemed to begin to make sense.  In 1990, after a 3-week trial, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for wanton murder.  Darryll was denied parole twice; once after 12 years and the second time after 18 years.


With meritorious good time earnings, educational and vocational good time, Darryll served out his sentence in 22 years.  he used those prison years to prepare for reentry into society and to give back by helping others like himself.  During the years of incarceration, he began shaping what would today be known as The Prisoners Hope.  While in prison, he developed the D.A.N.I.E.L. Project, an inmate-led curriculum, copyrighted in 1996.


​Throughout those prison years Darryll acquired his GED, an Associate in Arts, a Bachelor's Degree in Theology, Master's Degree in Divinity and a 4-year degree through the "American Association of Christian Counselors."  Darryll also completed educational programs in masonry, carpentry, fiber optics, Serv-safe and is a certified senior trainer in Evangelism Explosion.



The Prisoners Hope was forged from my own 22 1/2  years of incarceration.  I entered the judicial system with a new heart and eyes that were able to see.  What I saw, however, was a "broken" system and a recidivism rate that soared more each year, a perpetual revolving door. My many years of incarceration served to set before me a paradigm that grows stronger day by day. My passion to make a difference in the lives of men and women who are in similar situations overflows in the work of the ministry.  Tiffany and I were married six months after I was released from prison. As my lifemate, she has come alongside me with the same passion to make a difference in the lives of those we mentor.


Growing up and being the basic caretaker of 6 siblings equipped me for action at an early age. Dealing with major areas of brokenness in my own life, I developed a servant's heart that longs to make a difference in the lives of others.  Besides being Darryll's lifemate, I partner with him in growing The Prisoners Hope.  I wear many hats in the course of a day:  management of female volunteers and pairing mentors with mentees; I gather food, clothing and furniture as needed; I make visits to those mentees lodged in transitional housing and I host "The Christian Advantage" Roundtable meetings, a form of revenue that also opens great opportunities for ministry networking.  The Prisoners Hope offers me opportunities to use my spiritual gifts and watch lives changing direction and hearts being transformed.


I have been married 56 years to my high school sweetheart, James. For 25 years I was a stay-at-home mom to our 5 children who have blessed us with 14 grandchildren. After our children were grown, I returned to school and earned my Bachelor Degree in Psychology, my Master’s Degree in Education and my Doctorate in Education Leadership.  Wanting to serve the youngest generation of little ones, I opened PlayWorld Development Center and am Program Coordinator and Professor at JCTC in the Early Childhood Education Department.  I have been active in KYOSA, KY Coalition for School Age Children, attend Little Flock Baptist Churck, and member of prayer ministry.  I have been privileged to serve on mission trips in orphanages and help plant churches. I met Darryll through Southeast Christian Church and a family member in his ministry.  My life’s passion for child advocacy made it an easy decision to volunteer to spearhead and direct Children’s Bread, The Prisoner's Hope’s outreach for children of incarcerated parents. My life’s work has been dedicated to interrupting the cycle of childhood dysfunction through education, love and a deeper understanding of Him who holds all things together.


I was introduced to The Prisoner's Hope by way of hosting a church event called Love Where You Are where I met one of the members of the ministry.  When I learned of the work of The Prisoner's Hope with the incarcerated I felt called to join in their efforts.  I had been involved in fundraising for other ministries so it was confirmation for me that one of their areas of need was in fundraising.  Since July of 2016, I oversee the fundraising efforts for the ministry, guiding it to meet the goals set forth by the board.  Before moving into this position, I worked at several high technology firms in a variety of management positions. In 1993, I formed my own software and professional services company which I ran until 2014, at which time I sold the firm and retired from corporate life to devote more time to Kingdom work.  I have been a Christian since 1971. I have served as an ordained elder in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and in various leadership and teaching capacities in the churches where my wife, Rhonda, and I have served.  I am a US Navy veteran and proud Ohio Stater.  Rhonda and I have been married for 30 years and have three grown children and two grandchildren.


My husband, Jim, and I reside in Louisville, KY and are celebrating 30+ years of marriage with a blended family of four sons and two daughters.  I was raised in Clarksville, IN and attended Indiana University.  My career in the chemical and financial services industries spanned 50+ years, where my personal goal was to encourage all to elevate their positions to higher levels of professionalism through education opportunities. I continued my own education receiving my diploma from the Graduate School of Banking's School of Human Resources.  In 2015, I retired from my position as VP of Corporate Communications. Jim and I are members of Southeast Christian Church where we serve in the Senior Travel Group, our Sunday ABF class and the Southeast Outlook.  In April 2016, I became a member on the Fundraising Committee for The Prisoner's Hope and now head up Marketing for the ministry.  I also volunteer in the Children's Bread ministry in The Prisoner's Hope  While the secular world groomed my gifts, Christ has found a worthy use for them and I am honored to contribute in the service of His work, for His purpose.


My wife Beth and I have been involved in prison ministry since 1988.  Our involvement started with Prison Fellowship Ministries participating in their In-Prison Seminars in Kentucky and Indiana. After being certified as an instructor for Prison Fellowship I began teaching and leading seminars while Beth coordinated them for Prison Fellowship.  Then due to a desire (a leading of the Holy Spirit) to build into the men and to show them consistency Beth and I became Chapel Volunteers at a local prison and have served in this area for the past 25 years.  Not only did we want to show the men consistency in ministering to them but to be an example of a Christian husband and wife.   I have also mentored men upon their release from prison to the extent I am allowed by the DOC. Along with instructor training with Prison Fellowship Ministries, Beth and I have attended the American Chaplaincy Training School at Taylor University in Ft. Wayne, IN and completed the Kentucky Department of Corrections basic training.  I first met Darryll when he was in the Jefferson County Jail and kept up with him as he did his time.  I now volunteer for The Prisoner's Hope training future mentors.


Darryll Davis, director of TPHMin. Is passionate about making a difference in a seeming vast ocean of prison population and broken lives. When asked to summarize the Ministry’s work he shared a favorite story - likening it’s endeavors to a little boy waking down the beach throwing starfish that had washed up onto the beach back in one at a time. When approached by an elderly gentleman walking toward him he was asked; son what are you doing? The little boy replied, I am throwing all of the starfish back in. The elderly gentleman asked him to turn around and look back from where he just came from, saying; there are too many - you are not making a difference at all young man. The little boy (unaffected in his endeavor)  looked at the man and said; ‘it makes a difference to this one’ as he threw it back in.


Darryll was groomed for the position he now holds by the hand of God for many years prior to his release. His passion is contagious and his desire to be used in the re-writing of broken men and women’s stories is without debate.


Brook Brotzman is the Founder and President of GO Ministries and has been actively involved in global partnerships since 1982. Spending time on the field, hearing the needs of local leaders, and knowing their passion to share the love of Christ with others is what started the vision of empowering local leaders in partnership to redeem, renew and restore. Brook serves on the TPHMin Board and resides in Louisville with his wife, Sandra, and daughters Gabrielle and Brianna.


Carol James is a native and life-long resident of Louisville, KY. Carol, and her husband Joe, are parents of six children. It is from raising her children through their challenges of growing up that has strengthened her faith and given her a closer relationship with Christ.


For over 25 years, she has been privileged to be a member of StoneCroft and on the local board of StoneCroft ministries, whose purpose is to reach unsaved women. She has been involved closely with the Hospice organization because of her own personal experience with a parent. In addition, she has served as a board member for the local YMCA.


For 23 years, Carol has been an independent insurance agent and continues in that field of service. She offers Medicare Supplement and Part D drug plan options. Working with the senior market often gives her the opportunity to share the plan of salvation and give people hope during their time of illness.


Board member Dr. Tom McKechnie is a husband of 43 years to his wife Karen and has three sons.


Professional training is in medicine as a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician. He has practiced for over 30 years in Louisville working in the Norton Health Care System as well as Assistant Clinical Professor Gratis faculty with the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Louisville Trauma Center. Ordained minister at Southeast Christian Church. President and founder of local faith based international organization Teach To Transform.


Julie Magnuson is a former Attorney-at-Law, Children’s Library Specialist, and Substitute Teacher. She takes God at His word, and believes we are to use whatever gift we have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace (1Pe 4:10).


In addition to serving as a board member with The Prisoner’s Hope Ministry, she is a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children, and is a Director and Secretary on the board of Teach to Transform, an international mission organization based in Louisville, KY. She can also be found welcoming guests at Southeast Christian Church’s fitness center.


Julie grew up in Canada, has been married to David for more years than she can remember, and has no greater joy than to hear that her children and grandkids walk in truth. She holds a BSc from the University of Victoria, an LLB from the University of British Columbia, and was called to the Bar of British Columbia and of Manitoba.


Board Member John Whitbeck is a Husband, Father of two girls and lover of the outdoors.  John and his family are members of Southeast Christina Church (Indiana Campus). They reside in Floyd County, IN. John is the Vice President of Commercial Banking at German American Bank.  He has been in banking for 15 years serving in several leadership and sales roles both on the retail and commercial side of the industry.  Prior to banking, John served with Team Expansion, a mission organization whose headquarters are located in Louisville, KY.  At Team Expansion John served in several roles including mission education, recruitment, missionary support and operations.  John is a graduate of Lincoln Christian University with a Bachelors Degree in Business.  John is community minded and over the past 15 years has served on 5 boards throughout Southern Indiana and Louisville."


In August of 2006, Jerry Woodcox visited Brook Brotzman with GO Ministries and discussed what it takes to grow a 501 (c) 3 organization. As a lawyer and businessman, his advice was welcomed and he was asked to help grow Kingdom Businesses through GO full-time. He was hesitant at first acknowledging that ministry was different than

business and that GO doesn’t always analyze everything with the bottom line mentality, but with faith. However, in December of that year, he went on a trip to the Dominican and Haiti and was captured by the people and what GO was doing across the island. By 2007, Jerry started with GO full-time. Part of that outreach has always been a heart for Prison Ministry. He has been a part of ongoing Bible study outreach at local prisons for 17 years. When Darryll and Prisoner’s Hope came to GO and asked if space was available it became a good fit. He now advises Prisoner’s Hope on its growth plans and logistic challenges.


Jerry and his wife, Vickie, have two children; Brent and Kristen and a grandson, Matthew.








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